DUN DUN DUNNNN! Or, Meet The Villains!

Hello Readers,

Update on Life:

Recently watched The Reichenbach Fall (Sherlock Season 2 finale) and still recovering. 

-Continuing to do Algebra, trudging through graphs and functions and the horror of horrors: What does that darn little X equal?? 

-Continuing to second-draft Realms Unseen and trying to avoid rabbit trails and ignore all plot holes. 

-Reading Shadow Spinner, A Tale of Two Cities, and whatever else I can get my hands on. 

And now… onto the Villains!

I don’t know all the details about them yet, but the wisps I do know, I’ll share with you.


Don’t have a picture of him yet, but he’s an older man, probably in his late 60’s, with wild white hair and extremely bright blue eyes. He wears white lab coats and I can’t seem to stop picturing him without glasses… So he also has spectacles.

He’s insane, but brilliant, and he honestly doesn’t want to hurt anyone, just conduct his research and help his country. In the process of that, however, he hurts a lot of people. So he’s the insane “villain” doing bad things with a good reason.

Fun Fact: His name is a spoof off on “lumière” which is French for “light” because he wears only white and has the appearance of an old fun loving guy.


Also, picture less, sorry! Foncé is Lumier’s opposite in almost every way. Lumier is old, Foncé is young. He’s about 20-25, haven’t decided yet, and has dark black hair and grey eyes. He only wears black, and tends to lurk around the hallways and shadows, doing his whole “evil Batman” thing.

He’s greedy and just works with Lumier for the money and thrill of the job, and he’s completely fine with hurting people to get his way, or his wages, for that matter. He’s ego-centric and can not stand to be proven wrong or mocked. He can be easily bribed, but he’s also smart and knows how to bargain. Watch your back if you’re working with him, he can’t be trusted.

Fun Fact: His name is the french word for “dark” and is just another one of the drastic differences between him and Lumier.

Well, now that you know a bit about their characters, here’s a little excerpt introducing them!

An old man chuckled and gently walked out, hands up, with a messy mop of white hair. “Hello, Skylar.” He smiled amiably, not at all concerned with the two knives being pointed at him.
Tristan threw a knife, but the man sidestepped, extremely fast for someone of his age and his blue eyes sparkled. “You are just what the stories portrayed you as, maybe even better. Wonderful. I admire your independence and fire, but I’m afraid that I can’t have you throwing knives at my poor workers, you already knocked one of them out cold, though he was a bit of a disappointment…” The man frowned and wrote something down quickly on a pad of paper, and then addressed Tristan, “If you would be so kind as to remove all your knives, or I fear I will have to use a magnet, which could cause you bodily harm. I would hate for that to happen.” He frowned, wrinkles showing.
Tristan glared at him and then slowly nodded, and pulled four knives out of his hair and threw them on the ground. The old man smiled kindly, but there was a trace of menace in his voice, “The rest of them. We’ve heard about you, Sky, and your numerous knives…”
Tristan growled and took off his shoes, throwing four more knives down on the floor, two from each. He then went painstakingly through all his clothes, taking small thin knives out and adding them to the pile on the ground. “There.” He snarled, reminding Kao of a guard dog, barring his teeth.
“And now you, kind sir, please dispose of your weapons.” The old mans eyes were smiling but the smile playing on his mouth made tingles go up and down Nessa’s spine, and she shivered. Kao glared at him but went through his weapons and dropped each one with a final clang on the ground, snarling.
He didn’t seem to notice, his smile growing wider as he turned to Nessa and put his hand on her chin, forcing her to look up at his blue eyes. “Hello, little one.” She promptly kicked his shin, and ran behind Tristan, shaking. The man’s smile just grew wider, his eyes glassed over with what could only be described as insanity.
“Wonderful. Just wonderful.” He muttered to himself, grinning and motioned for them to follow him out the door, “You will do just nicely.”
Tristan stayed put, glaring at him, “Like ‘eck we are going out that door.”
“I’m sorry, Sky, but if you don’t cooperate, I’ll have to use… unconventional methods on your daughter over there.” He frowned, “I really don’t want to do that…”
Nessa turned white and gripped Tristan’s arm as he swore at the man, and his feet moved forward without his consent.
Kao’s eyes were growing wider and he directed a lost look towards Tristan.
“Just do what he says.” Tristan spat, swearing under his breath as he walked after him.
Kao took a shaky breath and followed behind them, murmuring to himself and taking notice of Nessa’s even paler face. They walked for what felt like hours on end, holding their breath until they walked into a room lit with eerie blue lights and a gentle humming filled the room, making Kao’s skin crawl.
“Now, there’s these annoying laws about taking people from their realms, and your wonderful races were out of my reach. I spent years trying my experiments on ordinary humans, but their immune systems were much too weak, and I came no closer to achieving a cure.” He frowned, “But then I caught word of a run away princeling from Niadra, and of course I had to send one of my men to check it out, no matter how much of a rabbit trail it is. Unprofessional, following gossip, don’t judge, it was the only way I was able to find you. I must say, wonderful job, Skylar, it took me a while to track you down, your disguise is amazing.”
Tristan swore at him, making Kao put his hands over Nessa’s ears again. He continued on, smiling as if he hadn’t heard the interruption.
“So I employed one of my men, Foncé to find you, and mess with the connection of the trees, thankfully we can do that, because of a good friend of mine, but he’s dead now… Knew too much. Ah well, I used that to bring you here, and as you probably noticed, Skylar, you couldn’t contact the Forest. Courtesy of these walls, I must say, I’m quite proud of them. And just to be sure you can’t escape or hurt anyone I am sorry to say that you are obliged to put on these.” He gestured to a pair of handcuffs and put them on Tristan, “I hope you’ll make yourselves at home. You’ll be here for a while. Don’t worry, the girl is too young to be of any use to me… But you two, will work nicely for my experiments. I am so excited!” At saying this, he clapped his hands like a little child.
A deep voice said, from a side of the room, they hadn’t noticed him there before, “Lumier. You’re getting off track.” The voice was young, sounded exasperated, and was a lot deeper than Lumier’s.
“Yes, yes, you’re completely right. Now, who would like to escort Mr. Skylar to his room?” Lumier said, grinning again.
None of the guards in that room answered, their eyes widening.
“Ah, thank you, Titus.” Lumier said, pointing to one of the guards in the back, “You will do nicely. Please escort our… friend to his room.” 
Titus reluctantly stepped forward and shakily pointed his gun at Tristan, telling him in ill hid shaky voice not to act up or he’d shoot. Nessa screamed at that proclamation and clung to his side, screaming at him not to go. Kao was shaking with anger, and his face was white, his eyes narrowed to small slits.
Lumier scowled in Titus’s direction, “You are escorting him to a room, not making death threats.” He sighed, exasperated. “Foncé, will you do the honors, since our guards are so ill prepared.”
The man with the deep voice stepped out from the shadows with what some would call a smile, but it was dripping with insincerity as he narrowed the gaze of his dark eyes to Tristan. “Of course, Lumier, I would be most gratified to escort our friend to his quarters.” His voice was cold and civil as he nodded coolly to Tristan and turned quickly, walking down the hallway, his black clothes making him near invisible to their sight.
Tristan didn’t follow, and Foncé came back, his dark eyes narrowed into small slits. “Come.”
Tristan smirked in response.

Dun. Dun. Duuuuuunnnnn! Hope you enjoyed, please leave a comment below! ^-^ 

2 thoughts on “DUN DUN DUNNNN! Or, Meet The Villains!

  1. Well, I can assure you that he does not randomly start singing. (however, he does randomly monologue and ramble about how awesome he is…) But yes, I can see how you would connect the two of them…. XD


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