a small town lullaby

Wrote this the other night as it popped into my head while I was trying to sleep. Inspired by the town where my parents grew up and I was born.   a small town lullaby what’s it like in a small town? it’s soft and sleepy you wake up knowing how things will be time [...]


Protect The Things That Make You Happy

Firstly, let's just notice the fact that I'm posting twice in the same month - something that hasn't happened in forever, which is both sad and happy. I mean, I need to post more, but also, I posted twice in a month! Secondly, my blogiversary happened sometime this month - three years, you guys! That's [...]

Three Little Words

No, these three little words are not "I love you", though that is important to say and to hear - I just wanted to get your attention. When we look at New Years, and as we sit in the beginning of January, looking out into the horizon that makes up next year, we make all [...]

Tag! You’re It!

My friend Autumn over at http://rmarcher.com tagged me for a music tag! And as I love music and am currently brain dead due to NaNoWriMo and school (#RIP), I thought I'd give it a go. The Rules: Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog. (Thanks Autumn!) Share the tag graphic. Link to [...]

Five Songs from October

I've been listening to these five songs on repeat this month - I'll probably hate them in November, but I've been stuck on them. Share a few of your favorites in the comments - I'm always looking forward to new music! I find that certain songs remind me of certain seasons of life. Counting Stars [...]

Imposter Syndrome – Artist Edition

Hello Readers, Have you ever looked around at all the other artists (whether they are writers, musicians, painters, etc.) and then looked at yourself and done a little something like this: You look around at other writers sipping their hot beverages and hammering out more words than you knew could be actually strung together in [...]